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Benefits of the mentoring relationship

Benefits for the mentee

  • Finding a confidant who can provide moral support, encouragement and guidance
  • Getting information and developing knowledge on his/her profession in Canada
  • Gaining a better understanding of the Canadian mentality and organizational culture in his/her field of employment
  • Discovering different ways of thinking and new perspectives
  • Integrating and growing both personally and professionally
  • Having more visibility on a professional level
  • Being recognized, valued and developing confidence in his/her own resources
  • Expanding his/her network of professional contacts and receiving information on professional associations
  • Getting help and information to facilitate his/her insertion in his/her field of employment
  • Helping to create a match between his/her profile and available jobs
  • Reconnecting with his/her professional identity

Benefits for the mentor

  • Improving his/her own leadership
  • Being useful to his/her profession and its milieu
  • Benefiting from direct contact with people who think differently and finding new and original perspectives
  • Sharing his/her experience and expertise with someone of a different culture