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Employment in Alberta and Canada certainly differs in many ways from employment in your home country or in other countries where you have lived. Plenty of resources are available to help you cope with that change and make the most of it. The more informed you are, the better your integration, your choices and your decisions.

Employment in Canada is placed under the jurisdiction of the federal department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Employment matters are jointly handled with provincial government departments such as Alberta Labour.

All services under federal jurisdiction must, in principle, be available in both official languages across Canada, including those "delegated" to the provinces, such as employment. The Alberta Ministry of Labour, rather than hiring bilingual staff in each of its service centres, has decided to establish employment centres dedicated to Francophones in areas where the demand is high. accès•emploi  is one of these centres, servicing the Greater Edmonton region.

Service Canada Centres, available in Alberta’s major cities, provide:

  • applications for a Social Insurance Number
  • Employment Insurance programs
  • Other employment related services and programs.

They also have self-serve kiosks and computer workstations to access local and national job banks.

Government of Canada
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Check this site for a list of employment centers in Alberta where you can be served in French:
Government of Alberta
Centres d'emploi (French)