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What you need to know prior to your arrival in Alberta

Here is a list of documents to bring in order to facilitate your job search once you arrive in Alberta:

  • School records and diplomas for each family member
  • Diplomas, certificates or qualifications in your trade or profession
  • Originals and copies of your educational documents
  • Letters of recommendation from former employers
  • Certificates of employment as proof of the number of hours worked in a trade (electrician, welder, etc.).
  • Curriculum vitae (or a description of your education, your professional skills and your work experience that can be used to create a resumé)
  • Portfolio (collection of documents such as pictures of your accomplishments, Curriculum vitae, letters of reference, awards, pictures taken in your workplace, etc.).
  • Driver's license

Don’t forget to bring your driver's license and a certificate of your driving experience delivered by road transport authorities as well as a letter of recommendation from your current car insurance company. These documents will be used to prove that you are an experienced driver. They are required when you apply for a transfer of driver's license and automobile insurance in Canada. All these documents can help reduce the cost of your auto insurance. The law requires you to take out car insurance in order to drive your own vehicle in Canada.

For more details, see the link below:

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